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Size Guide: Turkeys

 Our free range turkeys are grown for us using traditional farming methods in Randalstown, where they are allowed to roam freely in outdoor pasture and naturally ventilated barns with plenty of space and fresh air. We select slow growing breeds such as “Wirral supreme” and “Wold” which grow to maturity over several months and feed on locally grown cereals and vegetable protein. Once slaughtered the birds are dry plucked with wax before being dry aged under refrigeration for at least fourteen days to develop an even fuller flavour. 

Below is a guide we have put together to give you an idea of what size turkey you will need to feed all the family.


Size guide for Whole Turkeys

Weight in kg Weight in lb Servings
4-4.9 kg 9-11lb 3-4 portions
5-5.9 kg 11-13lb 5-6 portions
6-6.9 kg 13-15lb 6-8 portions
7-7.9 kg 15-17lb 8-11 portions
8-8.9 kg 17-19lb 11-13 portions
9-9.9 kg 19-21lb 13-15 portions
10-10.9 kg 22-24lb 15-18 portions
11 kg+ 24lb+ 18+ portions



Size guide for Turkey Breast Roasts 

Size  Weight Servings
Small 1-2 kg 4-5
Medium 2-3 kg 5-7


4-5.5 kg 10-15



Please be aware while we do our uptmost to select the right size bird for you, weights are subject to some seasonal variation so we have to work with what nature gives us in Decemeber.