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Alternative Christmas Dinners

Are you thinking of doing something a bit different from Turkey this Christmas?  See our alternative show stoppers below

 Free Range Goose

Our free range geese grow alongside our turkeys, they are reared slowly with access to natural vegetation in Randalstown.  When you buy a free range goose, your are not buying a high yield bird like turkey, but you are buying a rich, flavoursome bird with plenty of fat for the best roast potatoes! These geese have an abundance of taste and would most definitely appeal to all the real foodies

Size guide can be found here


Our ducks are grown on Silver Hill farm by the Steele family in Co. Monaghan these ducks are full of flavour, succulent and tender. Our ducks are 2.5kg and serve 3-5 people



All of our poultry has came from the Thompsons in Richhill since 1991, since then they have been dedicated to providing the highest quality chicken for us and you.

Size guide can be found here



Our specially selected grass fed beef is sourced from farmers throughout Ireland choosing only the best breeds which after slaughter are dry aged on the bone for a minimum of 21 days to guarantee intense flavour and melt in the mouth tenderness.

The following cuts of beef can be cut to your specification, we recommend allowing 250g per person for boneless joints and 2 people per rib for rib roast on the bone.

Fillet of beef

Dry aged beef fillet cut from our premium grass fed cattle. Prized for being the most tender of steak cuts with a delicate beef flavour. This makes for an indulgent roast and is perfect for beef wellington.

Sirloin of beef

Prized for being tender with a good beef flavour. This is typically leaner than rib eye with all the fat on the outside. This makes for a very easy to carve luxurious beef roast that is very easy to cook.

Roast rib eye of beef

Prized for being very tender with an intense beef flavour due to the higher marbling than sirloin. This makes for a very special roast beef dinner.

Traditional rib roast

Dry Aged Rib Of Beef French trimmed to create a real show stopping centrepiece. 

Dry aged to unlock the full flavour and ensure tender moist beef.

This is true roast beef at its finest.

Easily carved by running your knife down the back of the bones and slicing out as a normal joint.

Roast silverside / topside

Premium beef roasting joints cut from the silverside and topside of our aged grass fed beef are expertly trimmed and tied to give uniform joints that ensure even cooking.



Our grass fed lamb is sourced from our trusted farmer Trevor who rears Hampshire Downs that roam freely on open pasture, grazing on natural growing wildflowers and grass giving a subtle and delicate flavour to the meat whilst the excellent tenderness of these young lambs is unlocked by aging for a week to ten days.

Saddle of Lamb

An excellent Christmas turkey alternative. This is both sides of the loin and fillet of lamb with the bones removed and hand tied. This makes for an exceptionally luxurious roast with very tender sweet meat.

Leg of Lamb

Cut from our grass fed lambs the leg makes for the classic lamb roast, available as a full leg or half leg and bone in or boneless.

Lamb Shank

Perfect slow roasted or in stews curries and tagines. These offer the most flavourful and tender meat on a lamb.

Size guide can be found here

 Rack of Lamb

Classically french trimmed a rack of lamb is beautiful when well seared in the pan and quickly finished in a hot oven. Perfect to serve 2 people.



Pork Loin

A classic pork roast with flavourful tender meat and crispy crackling.

Rack of Pork

A pork loin roast with french trimmed bones makes for an impressive centrepiece at any special occasion.

Pork Belly

Pork belly needs no introduction, with rich fat that melts in to leave mouthwatering juicy meat. Available with or without the skin for crackling.

Pork Shoulder

Known for being perfect for pulled pork, however don’t underestimate this as a roast, the extra marbling throughout ensures juicy results.