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Cooking Guide: Proper Pork Chops

Pork chops, thick cut with the bone in... proper pork chops!

We know some people aren't quite sold on pork chops, some say they're dry and bland but we think this is down to bad experiences of slices cut too thin and cooked too long leaving a dry tasteless meal. However when cut and cooked correctly pork chops can rival a good steak! Here's an easy way to cook them leaving you with juicy, tender pork and packing a serious flavour punch!

For best results use thick cut bone in pork chops

These will cook well without a marinade, simply seasoned with salt and pepper and a little butter in the pan over a medium heat. However to turn the flavour up a notch, a simple marinade of some fresh herbs (rosemary, thyme or sage works well here!) with crushed garlic, red wine vinegar, olive oil and salt mixed together rub this all over the chops. This works well when cooked right away but if you want even more flavour make without the salt and leave overnight adding it just before cooking.

To start cook in a large pan with more than enough room for the two chops on a medium-high heat fat side down for 4 minutes or so until the fat is nicely rendered and browned all the way around.

Keeping the pan high place the chops on their side and cook for around seven minutes, turning regularly until nicely caramelised either side.

Another great addition is to add a quartered apple or pear to the pan, these will take around the same length of time or slightly less in the pan along with the chops and soak up great flavours and pair perfectly with the umami flavours of the pork.

Once the chops are cooked to your liking transfer them and the rest of the contents of the pan to a warm plate and let rest for half the time that they spent cooking. When serving don't forget to spoon over any of the juices from the resting plate, there's loads of flavour here!


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